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Gwand is a hotspot for fashion, design, and lifestyle. It’s raison d’être is the support of fashion designers. To do so, Gwand established a system that generates a positive feedback loop. In its core it consists of 3 elements: the designers, the media, and the supporters such as the sponsors (promoters). In a nutshell the system works as follows: Gwand pulls into the media as a result of its designers’ support and the festival’s appeal, the promotors—connected to Gwand—become part of the story and get pushed by the media in conjunction with the festival and its designers. Once the system is in place, it steadily turns faster and faster and grows in strength and becomes almost unstoppable. Doing so, the designers become not only design stars but media and promotion stars too and likewise the sponsors become not only promotion stars but media and design stars, and Gwand is starring in the media as well. As sustainability is the call of our time, Gwand’s sustainable orientation intensifies this loop even more. That’s the magic that happens at Gwand.

Promotion Stars

At Gwand image transfers towards fashion, lifestyle, and design have been achieved for companies and brands which were committed to support fashion designers. Sponsoring at Gwand has proven to be attractive and efficient. Right here some of those success stories:

Ackermann VAG Prix Prêt à Porter

American Express Fashion School Award

Annabelle Tamedia Official Media Partner · internship Award

Bally Official Gwand Shop · Presentation of apparel collection

Bucherer Fashion school award · best cut award

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK Annual presentation winner of the Swiss design award for fashion

Credit Suisse patron · public award · Jury award

Dr. Hauschka Give-Aways · promotion at Gwand

Dyson promotion at gwand

Hotel Schweizerhof Official Hotel

Joop Calida womenswear collection presentation

Kanton Luzern public funds

Moët & Chandon LVMH fashion school award

Motorola Accessories award

Pro Helvetia Patronage Gwand symposium

Stadt Luzern public funds

Swiss Textiles TVS The world's highest fashion award · Presenter

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Media Stars

The media have always been interested in Gwand and in its founder Suzanna Vock. Gwand recorded 34 million media contacts after Gwand 2004, then without social media. We continue where we left off. The media start covering Gwand’s come-back and inquiries for interviews and festival topics are increasing. The media are important to spread Gwand’s cause. We highly appreciate that and are looking forward to partner up with many national and international media professionals.

Fairdammt gut angezogen SI Grün · Barbara Halter · Schweiz · 2018-04-06 · April·2018 · 2018

Interview mit Suzanna Vock BMQ Magazin · 2017-10-30 · October·2017 · 2017

Das grösste Schweizer Modefestival feiert ein Comeback Aargauer Zeitung · Sacha Ercolani · Schweiz · 2017-07-02 · July·2017 · 2017

TALK MIT Sendung #43 · Suzanna Vock · Karen Fleischmann · Video · 2016-12-06 · December·2016 · 2016

Bazaar Report Harper‘s Bazaar · Akiko Ichikawa · Japan · 2005-04-30 · April·2005 · 2005

Magic Gwand TANK · Hannah Bhuiya · UK · 2005-02-28 · February·2005 · 2005

Repère L‘Officiel · Patrick Cabasset · France · 2005-02-28 · February·2005 · 2005

The Gwand Commons & Sense · Elodie Rastoul · Japan · 2005-02-28 · February·2005 · 2005

Grand at Gwand International Textiles · Robert Philips · UK · 2005-01-31 · January·2005 · 2005

Senken Makiko Takahashi · Japan · 2004-12-31 · December·2004 · 2004

Ackermann wins Swiss Textiles Award WGSN.COM · Robb Young · UK · 2004-12-14 · December·2004 · 2004

Haider Ackermann, beautés non cataloguées Le Temps · Stéphane Bonvin · 2004-12-02 · December·2004 · 2004

Ackermann Wins · UK · 2004-11-30 · November·2004 · 2004

Raf Simons récomposé Le Figaro · Frédéric Martin-Bernard · France · 2004-11-30 · November·2004 · 2004

Ancora da Gwand · Luca Lanzoni · Italia · 2004-11-30 · November·2004 · 2004

Und wieder ein Modekönig aus Belgien NZZ · Jeroen v. Rooijen · 2004-11-29 · November·2004 · 2004

Dem Modenachwuchs aktiv helfen St.Galler Tagblatt · Yvonne Forster · 2004-11-26 · November·2004 · 2004

Aides sous conditions Fashion Daily News · Sid-Ali Chikh · France · 2004-10-08 · October·2004 · 2004

Future, Take Note: Raf Simons Was Here The New York Times · Cathy Horyn · USA · 2004-07-30 · July·2004 · 2004

Upsacale architecture at Saint Laurent; Dior revives Herald Tribune · Suzy Menkes · USA · 2004-07-06 · July·2004 · 2004

Youthquake I-D · UK · 2004-02-28 · February·2004 · 2004

Raf Simons sauvé par le Gwand La Libération · Paquita Paquin · France · 2004-01-30 · January·2004 · 2004

La Suisse veut devenir à la mode Frédéric Martin-Bernard · Le Figaro · Paris · 2002-02-14 · February·2002 · 2002


Design Stars

The support of fashion designers always was Gwand’s mission. And Gwand always wanted them to become stars that shine bright. For more than a decade Gwand supported and promoted the most promising contemporary Swiss and international fashion designers. Some of them are now world-famous. And here they are, the big stars from Gwand:

Benoît Missolin Swiss Textiles Award 2002

Haider Ackermann Swiss Textiles Award 2004

Lutz Huelle Ackermann Prix Prêt-à-Porter 2004

Raf Simons Swiss Textiles Award 2003

Yvan Mispeleare Ackermann Prix Prêt-à-Porter 2003


Gwand Fashion Festivals Conclusions

  • Gwand was staged 11 times already
  • Suzanna Vock and Gwand are well known and established in the Swiss and international fashion industry and fashion scene
  • Making of small and big design stars
  • Gwand became a media star
  • Succesful promotion of sponsors
  • Gwand has become a proven platform for promotion and networking

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