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Gwand is a platform and a melting pot for fashion, design, and lifestyle under the star of sustainability. This leads to a wide range of values, interests, and ideas. Different audiences have a specific affinity to the Gwand themes. Some see fashion as a prestige object, others as a laboratory for design experiments, and some others see it as a way to realise a sustainable lifestyle and even as a must to save humanity and the planet. All these values and concepts of life come together at the Gwand and can be addressed.

Design Enthusiasts On the infinite journey to the ultimate expression

Glam Lovers Indulge in the temptations of beauty, prestige, and luxury

Caring Advocates Fair and green is the path to happiness

Professionals & Experts B2B & Education · Fashion, Lifestyle, Sustainability is the daily business

Gwand Positioning Progressive leaning and aiming for the peak

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