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Gwand stands for sustainability. Sponsors have the opportunity at Gwand to display their commitment to lead the way into a sustainable future and to boost their image towards sustainability. Sponsoring at Gwand is attractive and efficient as many successful sponsorings have proven. Gwand has four promotion categories, one of them are the awarders with a number of preconfigured awards. Gwand offers attractive opportunities to suppliers, and with addons the sponsors shine even brighter at Gwand.

Promotion Categories

Gwand is the platform for big and small promotion stars. Sponsors can choose between four sponsoring categories. Whether the choice falls on Awarder, Major, Supplier, or Backer, all shine bright on the Gwand sky.

Awarders donate an outstanding prize to be in the spotlight, Majors have a strong presence, Suppliers show off their skills, and Backers display their support. For a comparison of the different promotion options please check out the box Promotion Options below.

Awarder In the spotlight through donating an outstanding prize

Major Important player with a high visibility

Supplier Impress with services and products for the festival

Backer Specific focused engagement

Promotion Options Overview & Comparison



Awarding a prize at Gwand is the way to go to become a big promotion star that shines in the media, live at the festival, and digital in the social media—throughout the year. An Awarder can either choose between the Funds Award, the Capsule Collection Award, the Upcyling Award, the Life Award, or the Corps Award—or award a custom designed prize.

Funds Award For an emerging fashion designer

Capsule Collection Award Select a designer for a fashion collection

Upcycling Award Make new from old cutting-edge

Life Award Honour a celebrity's humanitarian lifetime achievement

Corps Award Reward a company or institution for its sustainable commitment



In return for their sponsorship Suppliers enjoy a strong and highly visible presence with their services or products and get promoted. Host Suppliers fund an imbedded event, project, or specific activity. At the very end below the box Product & Service Categories gives an overview of available and already taken categories. Right here a selection of supplier categories starring at Gwand:

Symposium Host Talking spreads the sustainability message

Exhibition Host Glimpse into the textile future · Boost design sales · Both sustainable

Pop-Up Store Pulsating spot of products and events

Shop Sells the nominated sustainable designers · Taken

Hotel Key point and melting pot for the festival crowd

Catering or Restaurant Silent hunger organic and local

Hair or Make-up Backstage and on stage


Addons to shine even brighter

With the help of addons the sponsor’s presence at Gwand can be extended. This enhances the promotion impact even further to shine as bright as possible at Gwand. The box Addons Overview features some customisation options. Two very special Gwand Addons—for Awarders only—are the Patron and the Presenter right below here.

Patron Presenting Festival Sponsor

Presenter take-over a fashion show

Greeter Sus­tain­able gala fashion show and charity presenter

Addons Overview · Enhance the promotion impact


Officials · Product & Service Categories

The status Official—e.g. Official Mobility, Official Hotel, or Official Brewery—is granted from a certain amount of sponsorship. Below the box Product & Service Categories gives an overview of available and already taken categories.

Officials Alone on stage in the spotlight

Product & Service Categories Overview · Available · Taken


Gwand Sponsoring · Promotion & Starring Conclusions

  • Shine as a small or big promotion star
  • Award to have the biggest impact
  • Shine even more as a Patron or Presenter – Awarders only
  • Majors have strong presence in the media and during the event
  • Suppliers shine with their products and services
  • Backers display their support
  • Shine for 365 days

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