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Swiss and international Local and global reach

Between 1993 and 2004, Gwand developed from a presentation opportunity for Swiss designers into a globally recognized fashion festival with the highest fashion prize ever awarded worldwide at the time. In 2004, Gwand reached 34 million media contacts (excluding social media) thanks to its awards and was reviewed and mentioned in the global media. Among others, the now world-famous designers Raf Simons and Haider Ackermann won this award.

Sustainability Broader focus

In 2021, Suzanna Vock, the founder of Gwand, launched the comeback of the former pure fashion festival as a platform and various events with a broader focus on sustainability. The focus is on the different aspects of the three sustainability areas: economy, ecology, and social. We are a platform for presenting, publicizing and promoting innovative, sustainable, social and fair design products from all areas of life to a wide audience.

Productions Own events and events by order

Gwand organizes its own events and events by order, all aligned with its mission. For instance, Gwand was involved in the Sustainable Fashion Event at the Swiss Consulate General in Milan, curating Swiss labels and aiding in invitation management with key contacts in the Italian fashion industry. Additionally, on behalf of others, Gwand curated exhibitors for the Laax Vintage Days and supported the event through media and networking efforts. The new Gwand Shop & Dance format debuted in Zurich in 2023 and is planned to expand to other locations.