Gwand 2023 Festival Lucerne · Shop & Dance Zurich

From 31 August to 3 September 2023 the Gwand Festival Lucerne celebrated for four days sustainability in fashion and in life. In 2021, 2022 and again in 2023, thousands of visitors flocked to the Gwand near the music pavilion on the lake to look, talk, discuss, exchange, buy, marvel, drink, eat, relax, and enjoy – under a glistening sun and rainbows and the star of sustainability. During the festival days discover various sustainable offers. Find out more online, in the Gwand 2021/2022 podcasts, and on TV-Report on Swiss television: Gwand on Spotify, Gwand SRF Glanz & Gloria.

The stylish Belle Époque ambiance, together with the unique panorama and the passionate performance of the Gwand, creates a fascinating atmosphere and a great stage for the Festival of Sustainability. Many people said that the Gwand was like being on holiday, so relaxing, so inspiring, so cozy.

Exhibitors Ethical and ecological

The exhibition is a marketplace and offers a diverse selection of products from bag closures, plastic substitutes, to children’s clothing, accessories and underwear, all ethically and ecologically produced. Here, the products come from companies in Switzerland, Africa, India, Vietnam and South America. They are made from sustainable materials such as pineapple leather, rami, weganol, bamboo or redesigned and upcycled materials. At the event, 30 to 40 exhibitors will offer their products or services. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) Design & Art will exhibit the outstanding bachelor thesis of Giulio Gallana, a graduate of the Textile Design Department. This year, we will again equip the market stalls with sustainably produced LED products from the Aarau-based company eta systems GmbH.

Caterer Food and drinks

The visitors’ well-being will be catered for. Fine locally prepared and produced food is waiting to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the visitors.

Photo: Rawport Studio

Entertainment Music, songs, performances, acrobatics

Pavilion stage: scenography and art by André Wilhelm. Musical entertainment with inspiring sounds: Tanja Dankner will thrill the audience with her Gwand song composed especially for the anniversary edition of the festival. More musical highlights: Concert by Ronny Rast & Southbound Trouble Band and intimate, melodic and folky concert with Jasmin Larue. The acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN› will present their breathtaking acrobatic skills several times a day, they already caused a stir in the TV show ‹Stadt Land Talent›.

For all performances, workshops and coachings, donations will be collected for the benefit of the respective performers.

Workshops Make, discuss, learn

The festival program also features a number of fringe events, including various workshops, meditations, mending, solution-focused work, and clothing painting. Longer Interactive Workshops and small scale talks on climate issues, nutrition, permaculture and spirituality such as the Goddess Power Workshop for women will also take place.

Kids Paradise Childcare during the festival

The new childcare with children’s handicrafts allows parents to enjoy the festival in a relaxed way or to participate together with their children. There, the little ones can do some nice handicrafts, paint or just play under supervision. Cost: CHF 10.00 per hour and a flat rate of CHF 10.00 for materials. The handicraft materials come from stock or from nature.

Support Gwand Donate

As a support platform, Gwand relies on donations. It’s easy to donate to Gwand via Twint or via bank or postal transfer. PostFinance account number: 15-604009-2 · IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 1560 4009 2 · Gwand Association · Würzenbachstrasse 17 · CH-6006 Luzern · Thank you very much for your support!

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Thursday 31 August

17:00 Opening · the festival begins · exhibitors’ stands and catering open
17:30  19:00 Tour through the new town (Neustadt) of Lucerne with Zero Waste Switzerland 0
19:00 Suzanna Vock: Welcome address for the guests and exhibitors 1
19:30 The Gwand song by Tanja Dankner
20:00 Bold acrobatic performance ‹Duo AXN› with song by Tanja Dankner
22:00 Closing of the festival

Friday 01 September

10:00 Stands of exhibitors and caterers open · the festival starts in the day
12:00 Acrobatic performance on the stage by the acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN›
13:00 Pavilion stage: performance with music by the acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN›
14:00 Stage: another acrobatic performance of ‹Duo AXN› with music
15:00  16:00 Interactive Workshop Climate Collage 2
16:30 Heart-opening meditation with Maria Aurora Linden on the stage of pavilion 3
17:00  18:00 Interactive lecture and vital food work­shop on nutrition on the pavilion stage 4
18:00  19:00 Your body ‹Gwand› [Swiss German for cloth, robe, habit] your soul · sustainable health after Bircher-Benner in the tent at FEEN’s stand A12 5
21:00 Pavilion stage: Concert by Ronny Rast & Southbound Trouble Band 6
22:00 Closing of the festival

Saturday 02 September

10:00 Stands of exhibitors and caterers open · the festival starts in the day
10:00 Acrobatic performance on the stage by the acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN›
11:00  12:00 Interactive Workshop Climate Collage 2
13:00 Pavilion stage: performance with music by the acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN›
14:00  15:00 Interactive lecture and vital food work­shop on nutrition on the pavilion stage 4
14:00  16:00 With Ziska creative patching by hand  in the tent A12 at FEEN 7
17:00 Heart-opening meditation with Maria Aurora Linde on stage 3
18:00 Pavilion stage: performance with music by the acrobatic ‹Duo AXN›
19:30 Intimate, melodic and folky concert with Jasmin Larue
20:30 The Gwand song by Tanja Dankner
22:00 Closing of the festival

Sunday 03 September

10:00 Stands of the exhibitors and caterers open · the festival starts in the day
12:00 Acrobatic performance on the stage by the acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN›
13:00 Lecture by Beat Röllin on the fascinating permaculture project ‹Chuderbode› 8
14:00 Heart-opening meditation with Maria Aurora Linden on stage 3
14:00  16:00 With Ziska creative patching by hand in tent A12 at FEEN 7
15:00 Pavilion stage: Performance with music by the acrobatic group ‹Duo AXN›
16:00 Stage: Another acrobatic performance of ‹Duo AXN› with music
17:00 Closing of the festival · end of Gwand 2023 Lucerne

Daily Thursday to Sunday

Every day, the exhibition at the Gwand offers a wide range of ethically and ecologically produced products.

During 4 days, the caterers will take care of the well-being of the visitors. Delicious food prepared and produced locally is waiting to satisfy hunger and thirst.

At stand A03 of Maria Aurora Linde and team you can experience a personal, conscious­ness-expanding short coaching.

Free inspiration for life at the stand A02 of NLA (Network for Solution Focused Work). We look for­ward to useful con­ver­sations, exciting in­sights and new perspectives. Times: Thurs. 17:00–20:00, Fri. 14:00–17:00, Sat. 14:00–20:00 and Sun. 10:00–14:00

Program Additional Information

0 Signup link Zero Waste tour · 1 Pre­sen­ta­tion of the spon­sors and inter­view with Iwan Bühler of the initiative ‹Support A Sustainable Label› · 2 Workshop by Heike Woock (human resources and or­ga­ni­za­tional de­vel­op­ment) for up to 15 participants · 3 All who wish can attend · Namasté · 4 Interactive lecture by Heike Woock on ‹Eat locally – strengthen your health› · 5 Introduction to the Bircher-Benner diet by Sieglinde Kliemen (lecturer at the Bircher-Benner Academy) · 6 The 18-year-old Lucerne ‹Blues­boy› Ronny Rast and his band ‹South­bound Trouble› are promising newcomers in the Swiss music szene · 7 ‹Visible Mending› without sewing machine and iron. Bring a damaged garment. Together we find then a solution to fix it · 8 Learn more about the meaning and effect of permaculture as well as sustainable agriculture ·  Quickly jump back to the program of: Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Program is subject to change

Stand I01

ALI Fund City of Lucerne

Public Support

AURA Foto Film Verlag

Official Supplier

auviso audio visual solutions

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Stand S6
Stand A09

FEEN Female Empowerment für Entwicklung und Nachhaltigkeit

Stand A12

House of Creativ-ity Hand Block Printing · Zurich · Jaipur

Stand S7
Stand A10


Stand A05
Stand A14
Stand S9

Maria Aurora Linde Erblühe in Deine weibliche Kraft und wahre Grösse!

Stand A03

Moya Kala Ethical Lingerie, Underwear & Loungewear

Stand A06

MYBLUEPLANET Working together for a climate-friendly tomorrow

Stand A15

SARE SARE Sustainable Alliance for Resilience and Evolvability

Stand A12

SECRET OF NATURE Kleider wie ein Hauch von Nichts

Stand A08
Stand S5
Stand S8

TURAH ECO Linen is a Divine Fabric

Stand S4

URBNC3 custom x classic x contemporary

Stand S1

zentrumRANFT stille · spiritualität · solidarität

Stand A12

Ziskah Einfrau-Atelier für kreative Lösungen und Ideen

Stand A12

Hongs Kitchen Delicious food from Asia

Stand G02

Crêpe Lilabelle organic, vegetarian, vegan, yummy

Stand G04

Original Food Le plaisir du café · exquis, écologique & équitable

Stand G01

Prostir Sweet & Salty Pastries & Pies · Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine

Stand G05


Stand G06
Stand G03
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Gwand 2022 Lucerne Impressions

Gwand 2023 Zurich · 13 May · Under the star of sustainability

On 13 May 2023 the first Gwand Zurich Shop & Dance event took place at the Amboss Garage and Rampe. Gwand Shop & Dance is an platform for sustainable fashion and accessories designers and at the same time a party event with an outstanding, unique, music program with new and hip DJs and concert. The event started at noon and the party ends early the next day. And in the afternoon the Parade of Fashion Revolution ended in front of the Amboss Rampe: Take to the streets with Fashion Revolution, colorful, loud and positive.

Gwand hosted the Shop & Dance event in cooperation with in Zurich · Free entry in the Amboss Garage to the designers.

Designers Gwand Shop & Dance · Fashion · Accessories · Art · Amboss Garage

Yannik Zamboni: Maison Blanche · Meihui Liu: Victim Fashionst · Xquisit Design · Shareitt · Turah Eco · Trophaee · AMiGAS Sandals · Komana · Rania Kinge · Obruni Mindful Clothing · PamPinay · AF Andrea Fashion · Rethink: Ananda · LaPham · Comay Craft · Son Kol · Ginny Litscher  · Faircustomer: Exhibition on sustainable fibers · MDK – Miranda Kaloudis · Infantium Victoria · CIMI · URBNC3 · V DESIGN LAB by Valeria Vigliani · Natalia Weber · André Wilhelm · L&E Studio · Martina Wyss · 11i:11now

Shop · Amboss Garage Gwand Shop & Dance · 13 May 2023 · 13:00 to 23:00 · Entrance: Neugasse · 8005 Zurich

In the Amboss Garage you can meet around 20 sustainable designers and discover and buy ethical and fair fashion and accessories. At the same time, hot DJ will be playing background music. Free entry.

13:00 17:00 jubia3000 & kesroc · Lucerne
14:00 Greetings by Suzanna Vock (Gwand)
17:00 19:00 Miss Brownsugar · Lucerne
17:00 18:00 Interviews with Yannik Zamboni, Maison Blanche, winner ‹making the cut› / Meihui Liu, Victim Fashion Street, London / Fashion Revolution and more.
19:00 21:00 Miky Merz (RecsOntheRocks) · Zurich
21:00 23:00 Rumi (Kasheme) · Zurich
22:30 Award ceremony for Best Style with FACES magazin together with Yannik Zamboni (Maison Blanche)

Dance · Amboss Rampe Gwand Shop & Dance · 13 May 2023 · 18:00 to 05:00 · Entrance: Corner Zollstrasse Neugasse · 8005 Zurich

Gwand Shop & Dance party and concert with ticket via Eventfrog or evening box office. Dancing will take place in the Amboss Rampe club with DJ from Berlin and Switzerland. The concert of Bandit Voyage* starts at 21:00.

18:00 21:00 Audio Tribe · Zurich
21:00 22:00 Concert: Bandit Voyage (Cheptel Records) · Geneva
22:00 00:00 Lotte Ahoi (Urban Cosmonaut Radio) · Berlin
00:00 02:00 Kleintierschaukel (laut & luise) · Berlin
02:00 05:00 Maurizio Zulli (Am Bach / Hellwach / WIR) · Lucerne

Style crazy sustainable or vintage. The best style will be awarded at 22:30 in the Garage.

*By the way, the Geneva based band Bandit Voyage composed a song for the Netflix series ‹Emily in Paris›.

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