Application Market Gwand 2022 Lucerne for sustainable designers and producers

The Gwand Festival will take place for the 13th time in Lucerne from 1 to 3 September 2022. It will be held under the star of sustainability. Key data on the festival:

  • Sustainability is one of the most important topics and concerns of our time, which enjoys a high priority among the public, the media, politics and the economy.
  • Best and most beautiful location (at the belle époque music pavilion on the Kurplatz on Schweizerhofquai, directly on the lakeside, in the middle of Lucerne) with high pedestrian footfall.
  • Supporting programme with gastronomy, music, panels, workshops, presentations.
  • Extensive promotion (especially on social media) before, during and after the festival.
  • The Gwand and Suzanna Vock are well present in the traditional media and social media.
  • Free access to the festival (no entrance fee for the visitors).
  • Long opening hours on 3 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) from 10am to 10pm.
  • The festival infrastructure also includes changing rooms with mirrors and a toilet facility.

A sustainable market is integrated into the Gwand 2022 Lucerne Festival. It is a sales platform for sustainable designers, producers, craftsmen and craftswomen from all areas such as fashion, textiles, accessories, jewellery, shoes, interior design, product design, beauty, health, nutrition.

Market stalls and market spaces

Around 30 sales stands are planned for the sustainable market at Gwand 2022 Lucerne.

  • The stands are wooden huts that can be completely locked (with a padlock).
  • The stalls have a sales table with a depth of 84 cm or for a market space for an own stand or market trailer.
  • As an alternative to a stand with a sales table, the front wall can also be removed completely for a open walk-in stand (please see the last picture of the gallery below). To close the stand, the front wall can simply be reassembled after the market closes. This variant is only available for stands in the size 3 x 2 m.
  • Stall sizes: The stalls are available in one version with a base area of 2 x 2 m and one with 3 x 2 m.
  • Sharing option: It is possible to share a market stall with others. The smaller stall (2 × 2 m) can be occupied by two vendors and the larger stall (3 × 2 m) by two or three vendors.
  • The stand prices are displayed below.
  • Pictures of the stalls:

Festival location

Provisional festival layout · Google Map Link

If you have any questions about the festival, please feel free to contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Market information and application

Application Gwand 2022 Lucerne Market

Sizes, prices, services, terms and conditions

Note: This form is not for caterers. If you would like to be present at the Gwand Festival with a catering offer, please contact Gwand via this email link.

Interested in a presentation or demonstration, e.g. of a sustainable innovation? Please contact Gwand via email.

Market presence
  • Market stand 2 x 2 m, CHF 1'200
  • Market stand 3 x 2 m, CHF 2'200
  • Market space for own stand or market trailer, CHF 200.00 per square meter (m2) plus CHF 300 for power connection and consumption.
  • All prices plus 7.7% VAT.
The following services are included:
  • Attractive environment: Festival from 1 to 3 September 2022 (from 10:00 to 22:00 each day) with many attractions at a location (Music pavilion at Kurplatz in Lucerne) with high pedestrian footfall
  • Free entry for visitors
  • Market stall and stand space
  • Lockable stall, with sales table or open front. The open front version is only available for the 3 x 2 m stands.
  • Promotion before, during and after the festival
  • Signage of the stand
  • Shared changing rooms with mirrors
  • Public toilets
  • Square cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • Security service (night watch)
  • Communication, organization and administration fee
  • Power connection and consumption (only for market stands)

For additional services like paid posts and sponsored content please contact Gwand via email.

Terms and Conditions:
  • All prices plus 7.7% VAT.
  • Sharing option: It is possible to share a market stall with others. The smaller stall (2 × 2 m) can be occupied by two vendors and the larger stall (3 × 2 m) by two or three vendors. Please enter the contact details of the sharing partners in the "Message" field further down in the form and also enter the details of the sharing partners in the following field "Offering" below.
  • The offerings at the Gwand 2022 Lucerne market must be sustainable (fair and ecological).
  • Only the signage and decorations provided, specified and approved by Gwand may be placed on the outside of the market stalls[1].
  • The area in front of the stall can be used (up to max. 1 m from the stand)[2].
  • [1][2]Exceptions to these rules only with the explicit permission of Gwand.
  • With the confirmation the invoice will be sent by email.
  • The invoice amount (price for the market stand according to the selection made plus 7.7% VAT) must be paid within 10 days.
  • Any additional services ordered will be charged separately.
  • Stand handover and set-up: 31.08.2022.
  • Stand operation and opening hours: 1 to 3 September 2021, always from 10:00 to 22:00. Stand must be open during the entire opening hours.
  • Clearance and stand return: between 03.09.2022 from 23:00 hrs until 04.092022 12:00 hrs.
  • The City of Lucerne has granted Gwand permission to hold a festival on the Kurplatz in Lucerne from 1 to 3 September 2022. If, due to official rulings and regulations, the festival cannot be held on these dates, it will be postponed to the next possible suitable date.

Questions about the market or the sustainability of your own offerings? Here is the email link for them.

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