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Gwand’s raison d’être was the support of fashion designers. Gwand was a hotspot for fashion, design, and lifestyle. From now on Gwand shifts its activities towards the support of sustainable creations and innovations in all fields of life. Gwand established an effective support system that generates a positive feedback loop. In its core it consists of 3 elements: the creators and innovators, the media, and the supporters such as the sponsors (promoters). In a nutshell the system works as follows: Gwand pulls into the media as a result of its creators’ support and the festival’s appeal, the promotors connected to Gwand become part of the story and get pushed by the media in conjunction with the festival and its creators. That’s the magic that happens at Gwand.

Case studies

Ackermann VAG Prix Prêt à Porter

American Express Fashion School Award

Annabelle Tamedia Official Media Partner · internship Award

Bally Official Gwand Shop · Presentation of apparel collection

Bucherer Fashion school award · best cut award

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK Annual presentation winner of the Swiss design award for fashion

Credit Suisse patron · public award · Jury award

Dr. Hauschka Give-Aways · promotion at Gwand

Dyson promotion at gwand

Hotel Schweizerhof Official Hotel

Joop Calida womenswear collection presentation

Kanton Luzern public funds

Moët & Chandon LVMH fashion school award

Motorola Accessories award

Pro Helvetia Patronage Gwand symposium

Stadt Luzern public funds

Swiss Textiles TVS The world's highest fashion award · Presenter


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