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From Thursday, 31 August to Sunday, 3 September, 2023, the Gwand Festival will take place in Lucerne for the 14th time. It stands under the star of sustainability (Sustainability). Key data on the festival:

  • Sustainability is one of the most important topics and concerns of our time, which enjoys a high priority among the public, the media, politics and the economy.
  • Best and most beautiful location (at the music pavilion from the Belle Époque on the Kurplatz at Schweizerhofquai, directly at the lake, in the middle of Lucerne) with high pedestrian frequency.
  • Sustainable catering offers.
  • Targeted promotion (especially in social media) before, during and after the festival.
  • The Gwand and Suzanna Vock are well present in traditional media and social media.
  • Free access to the festival (no entrance fee for visitors:inside).
  • Long opening hours on 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • The festival infrastructure also includes a changing room with mirror and a toilet facility.

A sustainable market is integrated into the Gwand 2023 Lucerne Festival. Around 30 sales stands are planned. The market is an exhibition and sales platform for sustainable designers, producers and craftsmen from areas such as fashion, textiles, accessories, jewelry, shoes, interior design, product design, beauty, health, food and beverages. If you have any questions about the festival, just contact us by email.

Impressions and Location

Impressionen Gwand 2022 Luzern

Info for exhibitors at the festival

Note: The following information is not for caterers. If you would like to be present at the Gwand Festival with a catering offer, you can contact Gwand via this email link. Interested in a presentation or demonstration, e.g. of a sustainable innovation? Please contact Gwand via email.


  • Market appearance either with a market stall from Gwand (see the pictures below) or a stand space with your own market stall, cart or tent in consultation with Gwand.
  • Gwand market stalls in 2 sizes incl. stand space: 2x2m (CHF 1’200 plus 7.7 VAT) or 3x2m (CHF 1’800 plus 7.7 VAT), either with sales counter (table) or open (walk-in).
  • Stand space: CHF 300 per m2 (plus 7.7% VAT), minimum 2m2, only whole m2
  • Stand sharing: It is possible to share a market stand with others. A stand 2×2m can be occupied by two and stand from 3×2m can be occupied by two or three.
  • On the outside of the market stalls may be placed only the lettering and decorations provided, specified and approved by Gwand.
  • The area in front of the stand may be used (up to max. 1m from the stand).
  • Set-up between Wednesday, August 30 from 13:00 to Thursday August 31 15:00, staggered coordinated by Gwand.
  • During festival opening hours the stand must be staffed. Festival opening hours from Thursday, August 31 to Sunday, September 3, 2023 (Thursday from 17:00 to 22:00, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00, Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00).
  • Dismantling Sunday, September 3 between 17:00 and 22:00

The following services are included:

  • Free admission for visitors (no entrance fee)
  • Solar lighting (except for stands with their own power supply)
  • Central charging station for laptops, mobile phones etc.
  • Promotion before, during and after the festival[1].
  • Signage to be attached to the booth[2]
  • Promotion on the Gwand website[3]
  • [1][2][3]For this purpose, the required info, pictures, etc. must be recorded online as specified by Gwand.
  • Collective changing room
  • Public WC facility
  • Place cleaning
  • Collective water tap
  • Security service (night watch)
  • Communication, organization and administration fee

Not included are:

  • Waste disposal fee of CHF 20 per m2 stand area (for catering CHF 40 per m2)
  • Electricity connection, if required CHF 300 (connection and consumption per connection)
  • Access permit of the city of Lucerne for vehicles for the festival area if required: Processing and settlement directly via the city of Lucerne (access only with vehicles that are not longer than 5m and not wider than 2.1m)


  • With the acceptance the invoice will be sent by email.
  • The invoice amount (price for the market stand or the market area according to the selection made plus 7.7% VAT) is payable no later than 22.08.2023.
  • In the case of stand sharing, the invoice amount will be divided between the sharing partners and invoiced separately.
  • Any additional services ordered will be invoiced separately.
  • If the festival cannot be held between 31.08. and 03.09.2023, e.g. due to official regulations because of a pandemic, it will be postponed to the next possible suitable date.
  • The offer at Gwand 2023 Lucerne must be sustainable.

All prices plus 7.7% VAT. For additional services like paid posts and sponsored content please contact Gwand via email.

Sign up

To register for Gwand 2023 in Lucerne, you have to be registered as a user on the Gwand website. Then you can register for the festival. Many organizational tasks for the festival are handled online via the website. This also includes the appearance of the participants and partners at Gwand, which is controlled via the user account. Note: You have to be logged in to see the registration form below!

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