#VOCKSDiary – EFoundation event in Zurich

Gwand Festival EFoundation Sustainability Tiffany Persons Tara Smith Eleonora Quizmolli
Tara Smith, Tiffany Persons, Eleonora Quizmolli

An evening dedicated to sustainability and women

This Saturday I was allowed to take part on the launch event of the EFoundation. Thank you to my good friend Eleonora Quizmolli for the invitation, she is responsible for the show production for Fashion4Development in New York.

The first event of the EFoundation in Zurich with top-class guests from film, fashion, art and economy. The EFoundation was founded by business women. A foundation dedicated entirely to sustainability

At the event in the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich I was very impressed by the keynote speakers.

Tiffany Persons of Tiffany Company Castings and founder of Shine on Sierra Leone. Searching for her roots, she have come to Sierra Leone in West Africa. A country marked by civil wars, whose natural resources have been plundered for generations. It turned out that Tiffany’s roots lie exactly in this country.

Edith Aldewereld co-founder of Women in Sustainable Finance and Mariama Camara founder of Mariama Camara Fashion Production.

Also Patrica Arquette, the Hollywood actress who touched me with her words. And not to forget Tara Smith, award winning international hairstylist and power woman!

The talented American singer Elijah Jamal provided musical entertainment for this evening and touched my soul with his music!

They have all impressed me with their speeches and their story. It was a great evening for me, I met people who had the same goal as me. Making the world more sustainable together. Thank you Eleonora, Tiffany, Tara, Patricia, Mariama and all the others!

Fotos from the EFoundation event at Baur au Lac in Zurich

Tara Smith is hosting the auction

Patricia Arquette speech

Eleonora Quizmolli Speech