The Gwand Sustainable Fashion Festival will take place in Paris

Gwand Sustainable Fashion Festival IFA Paris collaboration

The festival will be organized in collaboration with IFA Paris fashion school

A flagship event, a vector of knowledge, an initiator of concrete actions and an incubator: the Gwand festival will organise the Gwand Sustainable Fashion Festival, the first Parisian festival dedicated to sustainable fashion, in collaboration with IFA Paris, the school of fashion and luxury management. The event will take place in Paris from 5 to 9 July 2020, during the Haute Couture Fashion Week. Fashion lovers and industry experts can look forward to a forward-thinking festival in the presence of designers, specialists, panelists, journalists and celebrities, committed to promoting sustainable development in the fashion and textile sectors.

The Gwand Sustainable Fashion cooporation with IFA Paris fashion school
IFA Paris fashion show

Among the 22 shortlisted finalists (selected in May 2019 in Milan), 6 to 8 designers will be put forward in spring 2020. The Sustainable Fashion Prize will be awarded to the designer whose work on sustainability, transparency and design has been judged to be the most outstanding.

IFA Paris will present the IFA Paris Professorship Award

At the next festival, IFA Paris will present the IFA Paris Professorship Award, worth 77,000 euros. This prize includes a one-year remunerated chair at IFA Paris. The prize also includes access to its Fashion Tech Lab “Foundry”, where, for example, part of the new collection can be planned and developed. The school’s educational offer is also included in what is destined to become a prestigious prize.

GWAND Sustainable Fashion Festival IFA Paris Foundray Lab
Fashion Tech Lab “Foundry” IFA Paris

The fashion industry is one of the main contributors to global carbon emissions, chemical waste, landfills and microplastics that threaten the health and future of our planet. Gwand aims to raise public awareness and promote global change for sustainable practices in the fashion sector. This approach is supported by IFA Paris on its campuses in Paris, Istanbul and Shanghai. The curriculum of the fashion school places great importance on the theme of sustainability and the need for responsible fashion production. An ambitious programme dedicated to sustainable fashion will be launched in 2020.

We often forget that teaching is not only about sharing knowledge. It is important become the fashion leaders of tomorrow. Making them responsible citizens is not an option but our future. – Jean-Baptiste Andréani, General Manager of IFA Paris.

It should be noted that sponsors interested in the Gwand Festival will have the opportunity, alongside Gwand, to reaffirm their commitment to lead the way to a sustainable future and to strengthen their image in favour of fashion and sustainability.

Gwand Festival Winner Raf Simons

Gwand was founded in 1993 by Swiss designer Suzanna Vock. In the years 2000 to 2004, Gwand awarded the fashion prizes (grand prize worth 150’000 euros) to designers who have become world-famous as a result, such as Raf Simons, Benoît Missolin, Lutz Huelle or Haider Ackermann.

GWAND Festival 2001-2003 – Diane Pernet & Disciple Films Edit

GWAND Festival 2004 – Diane Pernet & Disciple Films edit

IFA Paris is a fashion and luxury management school that offers students from all over the world a wide range of unique and tailor-made courses at the Bachelor and Master levels. IFA Paris offers its students the opportunity to study in three of the most influential and trendy cities in the world: Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul.

Gwand Sustainable Fashion Festival IFA Paris Campus
IFA Paris Fashion School

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