#VOCKSDiary – Movie Premiere “Platzspitzbaby”

#VOCKSDiary Luna Vocks Movie premiere Platzspitzbaby Zurich

My daughter is celebrating her first cinema premiere

Yesterday evening my 13 year old daughter had her big day. She celebrates her first cinema premiere as an actress in a supporting role in Zurich. The film is called “Platspitzbaby” and is set in the Zurich drug scene in the 90s. In the juggernaut that bears the name Platzspitz and would actually be the park of the Swiss National Museum. In the 90s there were catastrophic scenes, lots of people died by excessive drug consumption. At the end, from Kornhaus Bridge down to the disused railway tracks on the Letten, you could see how people died. But there were also some born – the “Platzspitzbaby”.

With “Platzspitzbaby” an impressive testimony is now coming to the cinema – finally, one might say. The film is a knockout. – Swiss television

Luna you are a knockout! I am very proud of you and wish you that your dreams come true!

Your mother

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Trailer “Platzspitzbaby”