#VOCKSDiary – IFA Paris Campus Talk

Gwand Festival Paris mode durable Catherine Dauriac Fashion Revolution France

Make stars that shine not only bright but fair and green too

The Gwand will take place in Paris, which makes me extremely happy. I had imagined that the Gwand could take place in Paris earlier in the 90ies and now the first official trip in mission ‘Gwand Sustainable Fashion Festival Paris’ in cooperation with IFA Paris was scheduled. I travelled to Paris last Saturday.

First day in Paris

On Sunday morning I enjoyed, as a mother of two adorable children, to finally get a good night’s sleep and prepare for Monday. In the afternoon I met up with some “old” friends. In the evening, before going to bed, I went for a walk along the Canal Saint-Denis and breathed the Parisian air. I realized once again that it was the absolutely right decision to organize the festival in Paris and of course to enter the partnership with IFA Paris Fashion School – a stroke of luck. Paris is the city of fashion and is aiming to be the sustainable fashion capital of the world, here fashion finds plenty.

It is serious

On Monday morning, together with the lecturer Sandy Bontout, I had the pleasure of presenting the Gwand Sustainable Fashion Festival and its successful history to the fashion marketing students of IFA Paris. Furthermore we talked about the collaboration with the school and what part they will play in the implementation of the festival. I was overwhelmed by the knowledge and awareness of the young generation, the knowledge of the urgency to bring about change and the naturalness with which they do so. Also the many creative suggestions and new inputs, as well as the enthusiasm to participate in the first Parisian festival for sustainable fashion impressed me.

In the evening we had the IFA Paris Campus Talk, which was led by Sandy Bontout and we discussed with Catherine Dauriac from Fashion Revolution France about sustainability in the fashion industry. It was a great evening with interesting guests and above all I was very happy to meet Sylvie Grumbach from 2e Bureau, Catherine and Francis.

Paris is a hit! Admittedly, I arrived back home in Lucerne, tired but very happy, and I would like to thank everyone I met on this trip. I am looking forward to working with you – together we will make a change!