Shortcut · The upcoming Sustainable Gwand Fashion Festival at a glance

Gwand is an international sustainable fashion festival and a model for fair and sustainable processes in the textile industry. Gwand supports the use of sustainable and non-toxic materials, ensuring and assuming with the Gwand Sustainable Awards, the Sustainable Symposium and the Social Responsibility Event and the Gwand Fashion Festival its message. With the participation of international recognized sustainable fashion designers most upcoming sustainable creators, sustainable advisers and ambassadors, international guests and global celebrities, Gwand has a unique visibility and position in the fashion calendar and major players in the fashion industry, media and press have already paid tribute to Gwand and Suzanna Vock’s vision.

Track Record

For over a decade Suzanna Vock’s Gwand has promoted the best contemporary designers

Many Gwand designers became very successful and are famous today such as Raf Simons

Highest Fashion Award worldwide lead designers to breakthrough success

Substantial media interest in Switzerland and the main fashion places worldwide

Successful national and international positioning

Media respond in 2004 generated over 34 million contacts without social media


Renowned Key Attendees &
Dedicated Public Audience

Public Audience interested in fashion and sustainability
Advertisers and sponsors
’ guests of companies client-event’s
Friends of Gwand
Gwand’s advisory board
National and international celebrities
International jury and nomination jury
National and international journalists and influencers
International symposium speakers and panelists
International fashion designers
National and international companies focused on sustainability
International and national fashion professionals
International and national professionals
 in the field of sustainability
International and national buyers of sustainable high fashion collections
Students of fashion, textile, design, and arts
Students from any fields with studies involving sustainability

Media Coverage International and national media, social media, life streaming, posters, ads, TV and print

Ahead Events

Press Conference / Nomination Cocktail at Paris Fashion-Week

Press-Conference / Nomination Cocktail at advertisers’ locations Switzerland & International

Events at the Pop-Up Shop start 3 month before the festival

Friends of Gwand Events

Public model castings at advertisers' locations

Festival – Social Responsibility Event / Awards / Symposium / Exhibitions

Press Conference for national and international press, buyers international guests, advertisers and Friends of Gwand

VIP Events / Dinners & Receptions for Advertisers, VIP, Designers, Journalists, Buyers Influencer, International guests and Friends of Gwand

Meet & Greet / Advertisers Exhibit Lounges and Meeting Points

Gwand Social Responsibility Show Show presentation by renowned sustainable high fashion designers including charity fundraising

Gwand Sustainable Fashion Awards (Money Award & Capsule Collection Award) The 8 international sustainable high fashion designers will be hand-selected and nominated by an international renown nomination jury

Gwand Upcycling Award for an international fashion student selected by an international jury

Gwand Celebrity – The Life Award of Hope is bestowing a celebrity engaged for decades in sustainability

The Gwand Corporate Award of Distinction will recognize sustainable efforts and the long term engagement of a regional, national or international company

Sustainable Symposium – A panel of selected, impressive and well-known speakers will discuss the topics of sustainability and social responsibility

Special sustainable exhibitions for the greater public in the fields of fair environmentally conscious productions and fair sustainable textiles and products

Pop-Up store for sustainable designers including events to make sustainability fashionable

After-Show Party for the VIP and Spectators, International guests, professionals and spectators

Workshops in the field of fashion, design, and sustainability

Festival Schedule

Gala Event · Gwand Social Responsibility Show 1st Day

Afternoon: Press conference for national and international media, advertisers, partners, friends of Gwand, buyers and national and international celebrities. Evening: show-presentation by renowned sustainable high fashion designers including charity fundraising to support a sustainable humanitarian project, chosen together between Gwand and its Partners and Advertisers (Gwand Social Responsibility Show)

Fashion Event · Gwand Sustainable Fashion Award · Gwand Upcycling Award · Corporate Award of Distinction 2nd Day

During the day: Meet and greet! Exhibitions and side events. Evening: Authentic show-presentation of the 8 nominated and selected international sustainable high fashion designers with award ceremony (money prize, Gwand Sustainable Fashion Award #1, Show-Presentation Gwand Upcycling Award (Upcycling collection from an international fashion student selected by an international jury), and Corporate Award of Distinction).

Fashion Event · Gwand Sutainable Fashion Award 2 and Celebrity Life Award of Hope 3rd Day

During the day: Meet and Greet! Symposium, exhibitions and side events. Evening: Authentic show-presentation of the 8 nominated and selected international sustainable high fashion designers with award ceremony (Campaign Award, Gwand Sustainable Fashion Award #2 and Celebrity Award of Hope)

Gwand’s Advisory Board – Founders Expert Panel – strong network in the industry

Tobias Meier 22 years in fair trade and sustainable fashion at Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, 10 years board Max Havelaar Switzerland. President of Swiss Fair Trade and board-member of Gebana. Honored 2011 with sustainability-price Prix Natur Swisscanto, Switzerland

Sustainability and social responsibility

Not just empty words. Each of us within their possibilities should be concerned with these issues and make serious thoughts about it. Gwand is not only the role model but we together are leaders to sensitize the awareness in a fair and humanitarian cooperation in the clothing sector and in other areas. You & we come together for a good cause, like this we are able to make some changes together. Sustainability is not just a word—it’s You!

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